FUE hair transplantation
FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a technique whereby individual hair roots are removed and transplanted. Before the procedure, photos of your hair situation are created, which document the long-term treatment success of the own hair root transplantation. Specialist and doctor discuss the procedure in detail with you. Before the treatment, the surgical areas are marked and the responsible doctor performs a medical examination. To prepare the donor site, sit comfortably on a chair. When the preparation is complete, lie down on your stomach You can put your head in a special pillow. Our specialist then anesthetizes a thin strip of skin on the back of your head. With the help of the «Hair-Matic» machine, the individual hair roots are removed from the skin. There is a sorting according to 1-, 2- or 3er roots (see picture). The roots are counted and transplanted to the desired bald spots. During this part of the surgery, you can relax, watch TV or read a book. In order for the hair roots to grow in better, microscopic incisions are made. Depending on the number of hair roots to be transplanted, the procedure takes about three hours. Due to the local anesthesia you feel no pain. If this subsides, a slight burning sensation may occur at the sampling point. You do not need to wear a bandage, you can eat and drink right after the operation. Since the surgery is only performed under local anesthesia, you may, if you feel comfortable, immediately after the hair transplant home.


After 4 Month

After 7 Month