face and neck lift with PDO thread

You do not think your little bags are sweet? Or the transition from your face to the neck begins to slowly blur? PDO Thread Lifting tightens your contours even in very sensitive areas of the body and leaves you looking much younger after treatment. PDO threads inserted into the skin stimulate collagen synthesis for months. This improves the skin quality and the contours are tightened. First successes occur after 3 – 4 weeks after treatment. Due to the collagen synthesis, the effect lasts for up to one year and longer. While the slight swelling at the surgical sites is rapidly decreasing, bruising is likely to disappear only after one week. However, with appropriate make-up you remain socially acceptable. The method is suitable for:

  • Tightening the chin line and disturbing hanging bags
  • Alleviation of nasolabial folds and mouth angle elevation
  • Tightening cheek lines
  • Elevation of sunken eyebrows
  • Tightening of the neck
  • Elimination of disturbing wrinkles on the décolleté
  • stomach, upper arms and thighs, buttocks